Rodeph Sholom has always taken care of our family's burial needs.  We have three Jewish cemeteries:

  • Old Rodeph Sholom Cemetery,  3602 N. Ola Ave.
  • Beth Israel Cemetery, 602 W. Indiana
  • New Rodeph Sholom Cemetery, 4210 North 56th Street (near MLK & 56th Street)

The new Rodeph Sholom Cemetery has plots available and is located across the street from the Myrtle Hill Cemetery, 20 minutes from Rodeph Sholom. The new Rodeph Sholom Cemetery offers Jewish and interfaith burial. Plots are available for purchase at $2,000 for members and $2,500 for non-members ($500 of the purchase price is for perpetual care). Below, you can see sphere photos of the cemetery.  For further information, please call the synagogue office at (813) 837-1911 for Russell Leisner or Tracey Yarlott.

View Cemetery Sphere Photos:

View standing at 56th street facing the entrance

View standing at the front facing the back

View standing at the back facing the front 




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