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Dear congregants,

The Lord spoke to Moses, saying: Speak to the Israelite people thus: In the seventh month, on the first day of the month, you shall observe complete rest, a sacred occasion commemorated with loud blasts.  You shall not work at your occupations; and you shall bring an offering by fire to the Lord. The Lord spoke to Moses, saying: Mark, the tenth day of this seventh month is the Day of Atonement.  It shall be a sacred occasion for you: you shall practice self-denial, and you shall bring an offering by fire to the Lord.  (Leviticus 23:24-28)

Jews are commanded to observe Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Typically, we use this time of year to begin introspection and looking  back at our shortcomings of the past year.  We then plan the changes to make in the new year. 

Since the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem we no longer bring an offering “made by fire” but instead substitute Tzedakah (Righteous Deeds). This works out well for Rodeph Sholom because we have no need for fire offerings. However, we do have a need for Tzedakah and performing Tzedakah is a traditional pillar of the Jewish people’s spiritual preparation for the High Holiday season. 

The Kol Nidre Appeal gives us an opportunity to fulfill this mitzvah and is a major fund raising source to cover our operating deficits. Dues alone do not cover all of the expenses of Rodeph Sholom and your Kol Nidre donations are used to help fill that gap. Your Tzedakah stays here at Rodeph Sholom and is used to enhance all aspects of synagogue life.

Enclosed is a donation card for your Kol Nidre pledge. Please be generous in your pledge. Your donation is necessary in helping your synagogue meet its financial obligations.

On behalf of your Board of Directors, I thank you for your continuing support of and generosity to Congregation Rodeph Sholom.  I look forward to seeing you and your loved ones in the synagogue this year.

L'shanah tovah, 

Dr. Abe Marcadis, President


To make a donation for Kol Nidre, click here:  Kol Nidre 2016